Broadcast live on Thursday 22 September 2022 - Næringsmegleren

Real Estate News

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Episode description

The broadcast is led by Unni Mesel , general manager at Næringsmegleren.

The main topic this time is simply construction costs - a hot topic both inside and outside the industry.
We have therefore invited the regional director of EBA Agder, Hilde Waage , to inform about the actual situation.
- What is the actual status of construction prices?
- How does the industry in general see the future?
- And will more and more construction projects be put on hold?

BUT - never so bad that it's not good for anything... High material prices can also force more reuse and sustainable solutions. Annually, 140,000 tonnes of office furniture are thrown away in Norway, at the same time that the price for furnishing new premises is constantly higher.

Here in Sørlandet, the system for reusing office furniture has been almost non-existent. Bølgen Bærekraftsenter is now tackling this, and we are happy to hear project manager Grete Lill Ausland Homme talk about the venture!

In conclusion, Line Strandli and Unni Mesel will talk about the new lease contract template; Briefly about the biggest changes for the office and shop, as well as which new documents the parties will have to deal with in the future.