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Tollbodgaten 8
4611 Kristiansand

Tel: 38 10 44 44

Kirkegaten 2
4836 Arendal

Tel: 90 60 51 24

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Unni Mesel

Managing Director
Mobile: 95 25 80 37

Unni took up the position as Managing Director in November 2019.

Prior to that, she was the CEO of Aquarama and was responsible for concept development, establishment of the operating organization, commercialization and daily operation of the activity center. Unni has a master's degree in philology from the University of Bergen, with a major in mass communication and media studies, as well as the subjects economics, mathematics and informatics. Furthermore, she has furthered her education in project management and change management, and is certified as a performance and team coach. She has more than 20 years of experience as a manager, of which 12 years in the real estate industry in Eastern Norway, where she, among other things, served as real estate director for the shopping centre company Sektor EiendomsUtvikling AS in the period 2007-2012. Throughout her professional career, Unni has also held several board positions in various professional forums, and has, among other things, been the Chair of the Board of the Quadrature Association in Kristiansand.

Gunnar S. Sædberg

Senior Partner / Real Estate Agent MNEF
Mobile: 90 68 84 93

Gunnar has worked in the industry since 1985.

Before he co-founded Næringsmegleren, he was the professional manager at Meglerhuset Sædberg AS, where he was also responsible for the sale of commercial property. Gunnar has a degree from the Norwegian School of Real Estate (1988) and has supplemented this with ex.phil. and several departments at the Faculty of Law, as well as special education in commercial real estate. He is used as an expert associate judge and appraiser in the District Court and the Arbitration Court as well as the Agder Court of Appeal, and has been involved in association work, political activities and professional forums, including as Chair of the Southern Norway Real Estate Association.

Jens Helge Hodne

Senior Partner / Real Estate Agent MNEF
Mobile: 40 40 86 12

Jens Helge has worked with real estate since 1985 with a degree from the Norwegian Real Estate College in 1987. 

Before he co-founded Næringsmegleren, he was the owner and Managing Director of Hodne Eiendom AS. There, he was responsible for work with commercial real estate. Jens Helge has held several positions of trust in the Norwegian Real Estate Association, and has also served as Chair of the Southern Norway Real Estate Association and has also been chairman of Sørlandets Eiendomsmeglerforening. He has been both a board member and Chair of the Forum for Commercial Real Estate for several years. Furthermore, Jens Helge has held several positions related to local organizations and companies. Jens Helge is also used as an expert associate judge by the District Court and the Arbitration Court, as well as the Agder Court of Appeal.

Mikal F. Smeplass

Real Estate Agent MNEF / M.Sc.
Mobile: 90 81 88 99

Mikal was hired in October 2016 and has a master's degree in economics from the University of Agder.

He also has a bachelor's degree in real estate at the University College of Southeast Norway (Bø). In addition to contributing fresh professional expertise from the university, Mikal is a welcoming, dedicated and service-minded person, who is hungry for success. Mikal is active in his spare time, both as a football player and as a passionate fly fisherman .

Line Ericha Strandli

Real Estate Agent MNEF
Mobile: 48 11 33 38

Line Ericha Strandli started as a broker with Næringsmegleren in the early autumn of 2019 and works mostly with office rentals

Line has a bachelor's degree in real estate from BI Norwegian Business School, as well as a higher education in business administration and accounting. She has worked in the real estate industry since 2010, including as a consultant, housing consultant and project broker. With broad experience from housing and project sales for both DNB Eiendom, Kruse Smith Eiendom and Eiendomsmegler1, Line finds it even more exciting to work in commercial real estate.

She has gradually gained a very good overview of what is happening in the rental market in Southern Norway and has a particularly good overview of office properties in the Downtown Kristiansand. Furthermore, she is happy to contribute her insight and experience to both clients and potential tenants who are looking for new premises.

As a person, Line is dedicated and efficient, solution-oriented and committed.

Morten Venemyr

General manager of Arendal
Mobile: 90 60 51 24

Morten Venemyr joined Næringsmegleren on 1 January 2022. In addition to being a business broker, he is also the manager of our newly opened office in Arendal.

He has a master's degree in economics from BI, and has a varied and exciting work background. For the past 20 years, he has worked with a number of new establishments and his own entrepreneurial activities in sports, hunting and outdoor life - and established a specialized staffing agency in the health sector. Morten is well acquainted with both establishment and operational challenges for companies. He has built up a solid market understanding – and thus also knows the Arendal region market well – after many years as a business developer.

Morten is otherwise an active user of nature and nearby areas where he lives - whether it is for training, hunting or fishing.

Sylvi Birkeland

Settlement Manager / Real Estate Agent MNEF
Mobile: 40 40 86 08

Sylvi is a qualified real estate agent from the BI Norwegian Business School and was hired by Næringsmegleren in 2008. 

Prior to this, Sylvi was employed for 16 years as a settlement and accounting employee in Hodne Eiendom AS. Sylvi also has extensive experience from working in a bank. Sylvi is responsible for both settlement and accounting at Næringsmegleren and has an excellent proficiency in her field of practice. And if Sylvi sometimes appears a bit strict; rest assured, she is just incredibly concentrated and dedicated – here, nothing is left to chance.

Elise Bratland

Civil economist
Mobile: 99 62 59 59

Elise was hired in September 2022 and has a degree in civil economics at the University of Agder.

Elise has many years of experience in banking/finance, and has for the last 8 years worked as a business advisor in Handelsbanken with a focus on real estate customers. She has valuable experience and expertise in financing solutions for commercial real estate, as well as a good financial understanding of the market.

Elise has over time built up a good understanding of the market and has a good network in commercial real estate in the Kristiansand area. As a person, Elise is service-minded, efficient and solution-oriented and not least has a good mood and a very infectious laugh!

Thea Trydal Hansen

Market coordinator
Mobile: 48184186

Thea joined Næringsmegleren in April 2023 and has a degree in marketing and communication.

She has previously worked as a marketing manager for Aquarama, where she was responsible for all marketing from a to z in all media and on all surfaces. In Næringsmegleren, she works with various administrative brokerage tasks, prepares marketing materials and ensures greater visibility in both traditional and social media. She will eventually also have a central role in the planning and implementation of our events throughout the year, such as Eiendomsnytt, Eiendomskonferansen and Næringsarealet.

With her varied interests and experiences, Thea is a versatile person who is ready to tackle new challenges and tasks with enthusiasm and dedication.

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