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Unni Mesel

Daglig leder
Mobil: 95 25 80 37

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Gunnar S. Sædberg

Seniorpartner/ Eiendomsmegler MNEF
Mobil: 90 68 84 93

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Jens Helge Hodne

Seniorpartner/ Eiendomsmegler MNEF
Mobil: 40 40 86 12

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Mikal F. Smeplass

Eiendomsmegler MNEF/Siviløkonom
Mobil: 90 81 88 99

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Christoffer Rønningen Aamoth

Eiendomsmeglerfullmektig MNEF/Siviløkonom
Mobil: 47 24 30 37

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Line Ericha Strandli

Eiendomsmegler MNEF
Mobil: 48 11 33 38

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Sylvi Birkeland

Oppgjørsansvarlig/Eiendomsmegler MNEF
Mobil: 40 40 86 08

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About us

Næringsmegleren Sædberg & Hodne AS is a real estate broker, established in 2001 and consisting of eight forward-leaning and highly qualified staff. We are Southern Norway’s only regional real estate agency exclusively focused on commercial properties. The office is located in Kristiansand, with the entire Agder region as our geographical area of activity.

Our vision is to inspire and contribute to value creation in Southern Norway. To a large extent, this is achieved by providing a natural meeting place for companies to buy, sell, rent out or lease commercial property.

Ask us about commercial real estate in Southern Norway – our expertise, experience, and wide network of contacts is your guarantee of a thorough, orderly and pro table property transaction. Næringsmegleren Sædberg & Hodne AS is the right address for good business.

Our services include:


of commercial premises


of commercial properties and development projects


Advisory services

relating to commercial property


"We provide the commercial premises you are looking for in Southern Norway"