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About us


Næringsmegleren AS was established in 2001 and consists of nine forward-looking and highly qualified employees. We are the only real estate agent in Southern Norway that focuses exclusively on commercial properties. Our offices are located in Kristiansand and Arendal, and we have a geographical catchment area that includes the entire Agder.

Næringsmegleren’s vision is to inspire and contribute to value creation in Southern Norway. We achieve this, among other things, by being a natural meeting place for companies that are going to buy, sell, rent or rent out commercial property.

Ask us about commercial real estate in Southern Norway - our expertise, experience and wide network of contacts are your guarantee for a thorough, tidy and profitable real estate transaction.

Næringsmegleren is the right address for good business.

Our services

Rental of commercial premises

We have a wide selection of commercial premises for rent in Agder; from large industrial and warehouse premises to office buildings and smaller shop premises. In the work of considering various alternatives, we contribute with good, profitable advice and place great emphasis on being a thorough and committed partner.

Sale of commercial real estate and development projects

Næringsmegleren always has a wide range of commercial real estate for sale. The size and qualities of the properties are different, and range from plots and commercial property with investment needs and development opportunities, to wholly or partly leased commercial property with predictable cash flow.

We work continuously to have a good overview of profitable sales prospects and exciting development properties in Southern Norway . We look after your interests in an orderly and professional manner, and help you find optimal solutions.

Our range of services also includes advice and assistance in negotiations, assessments, contract work and settlement in connection with commercial real estate transactions.


Valuations are an important part of the business at Næringsmegleren. The assignments can vary in both scope and duration - but common to all of them is finding the correct market value for a property. Our task is to establish a sober but correct valuation of the property.

Advice related to commercial real estate

We can assist with various aspects of commercial real estate, including buying or selling property, leases, leasing and management, property valuation, legal and regulatory issues related to real estate transactions, and strategic planning of real estate portfolios. 


Commercial real estate settlement refers to the financial transaction between the buyer and the seller when a commercial property changes ownership. The settlement involves the payment of the purchase price from the buyer to the seller, the transfer of property rights, and any adjustment of outstanding amounts and taxes. We ensure that the settlement process of a real estate transaction runs smoothly and correctly.

Rent? Buy? Ask us about commercial real estate in Southern Norway.