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Published 19.09.2023

Næringsmegleren has several exciting premises that are well suited for large-scale retailers. Choosing the right location for such premises is crucial - we have premises throughout Agder!

Mandal: Marnarveien 29 / Rental

Commercial building under construction in Marnarkrysset, Mandal. Centrally located in a traffic hub just outside Mandal city center and with access via a roundabout from the new E39. Plenty of customer and employee parking, as well as easy access for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. The area and building will be completed in 2024 with a high standard and all facilities. 1st floor: 2000 sqm retail, 2nd floor: 2200 sqm retail, 3rd floor: 2200 sqm office. Plantasjen and Coop Extra are already established in the same area, as well as several fast chargers from MER. Coop Extra is already, less than 1 year after opening, one of the best-selling grocery stores in the region.

See more information about the property here.

Søgne: Sentrumsveien 8 / Rental

The premises are centrally located in Tangvall, which is Søgne's commercial center with grocery stores, liquor stores, restaurants, post office, market square and many different types of shops and modern office space. The area is undergoing major development and work is underway to transform Tangvall into Søgne's best place to live. The premises have a total of approx. 1,100 square meters and were originally built for food retail (Rema 1000). In addition to the sales area, there is also a warehouse, office, cloakroom, break room and 2 bathrooms/WC. In addition, an area of 49 sqm is included in the basement. The premises appear open and bright and are in good condition. The exposure is good, with a large glass facade facing a busy street/square. Arranged for delivery of goods by large car. Ceiling height is approx. 4 meters. The premises are ready for takeover and long-term rental is preferable.

See more information about the property here.

Vennesla: Sentrumsvegen 40-42 / Rental

The building is from 2007 and consists of a commercial section on the first floor (which will now be rented out) and apartments on the floors above. The premises are approx. 1100 sqm GFA and contain a shop, warehouse, dining room, kitchen, bucket room, toilet, laundry room (drain in floor - possibility for shower), office and fan room/ventilation. Separate driveway to the warehouse. The center of Vennesla is under development, and a number of projects have recently been completed near the property. In the neighboring property you will find Rema 1000 and just north of the property Coop Extra is opening a new large store. Atrium shopping center "the village's new meeting place" opened in November 2022.

See more information about the property here.

Vennesla: Venneslamoen 6 / Sales

The 1100 sqm property is located on the square in the center of Vennesla and has a good location between Sentrumsvegen, which is the main thoroughfare in Vennesla center. The building is on two levels, ground floor and basement. Entrance to the ground floor from the square with goods delivery from Sentrumsvegen. Entrance to the basement floor from Sentrumsvegen. There is also an escape route from the basement via the neighboring property next door. It is the "Coop Prix building" that is to be sold.

See more information about the property here.

Lund: Marviksveien 94 / Rental

In light of the ongoing development of the district in and around Marvika Torv, as well as the facilities and services already in place, Lund has become a very attractive place to visit and live. In connection with the new Wilds Minne school and multi-purpose hall, new and ready-to-move-in premises will be available at street level. The total area amounts to approx. 980 sqm GFA, including a technical room and staff entrance at the rear of the premises. If desired, the premises can be divided up for 2-3 tenants. There will be an open, attractive facade facing Marviksveien and other commercial and service offerings in the area. The areas are zoned for office/retail and services. With the multi-purpose hall as the nearest neighbor, there will be a good flow of both children and adults all year round. If there is a need for access to changing rooms, activity rooms or other facilities, it may be possible to share these with users of the sports hall. Completion approx. mid-2024.

See more information about the property here.

Sørlandsparken: Skibåsen 41-43 / Rental

The approx. 777 sqm premises have an attractive location in Sørlandsparken. The premises are located on the 1st floor and contain an open area, kitchen/dining room and warehouse with a drive-in door (at the back of the premises). Goods lift from the warehouse down to the basement where there is a shelter that can be used for storage. Entrance in the front, as well as via a common entrance for the entire building. Very good parking coverage. In the building you will find the following tenants: Europris, Fagmøbler and Kvik kitchen. Opportunity for very good signage exposure towards E-18 and very good exposure towards the road Grasdalen, which is one of the main roads to Sørlandsparken.

See more information about the property here.

Barstølveien 60a / Rental

The premises are located on the first floor and have their own high-profile entrance area. Parts of the ground floor will now be sublet as Skousen is moving to new premises in Avenyen in April 2024. This store is currently approx. 550 sqm, but it is possible to incorporate an extra 450 sqm at the rear so that the area is a good 1100 sqm. Generally good standard and equipped with staff cloakrooms, dining room and toilets. There are very good exposure opportunities on 3 of the building's 4 walls. Opportunities for profiling also towards Barstølveien, where more than 10,000 cars pass daily.

See more information about the property here.

Grimstad: Odden 4 / Rental

The property has a central and idyllic location on the quayside in Grimstad city center, opposite Odden shopping center. The premises are easily accessible via RV420, which is the main artery into Grimstad city center when coming from the west. Approximately 7,500 cars pass on this road daily. The shop is located on the first floor and is approx. 300 sqm. In addition, two warehouses of approx. 20 sqm each are included. Furthermore, there is a shared entrance, dining room and toilets/wardrobe with Fargerike, which is in the neighboring premises. Exclusive area amounts to approx. 378 sqm GFA and area incl. common area is approx. 457 sqm GFA.

See information about the property here.

Arendal: Åsbieveien 2 / Rental

The premises are centrally located in Stoa in Arendal, just off the E18. The premises are of a high standard and are mostly open space. MENY currently occupies the premises, and there are good facilities for goods reception, storage and dining room. Possibility of freezer and cold storage. The property is located on flat terrain and there is a large parking lot around the entire building, which provides a very good starting point for a good trading point. The premises are 2270 sqm according to the current lease. The premises can be adapted to the tenant by agreement. Available from spring 2024.

See more information about the property here.

Arendal: Vesterveien 44 / Rental

Maxis shopping center is well exposed to one of Arendal's busiest roads. Approximately 13,000 cars pass by the center every day. The premises have the best location in the center, which is the first thing you encounter when you enter the main entrance. There are two premises available on the first floor: one is approx. 830 sqm located opposite the main entrance. The other room is approx. 146 sqm. This room is right by the side entrance to the left of the main entrance.

See more information about the property here.

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