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Moving to new offices?

Published 13/12/2022

What should you think about? What is important to spend time on? What are many people forgetting to do?

Line Ericha Strandli is a real estate agent at Næringsmegleren, and has many years of experience in the real estate industry. In this article, she shares some of the experiences she has gained over the years in the industry - and offers some good tips for those who are looking for new office space.

"I have helped many in the search for new office space, and am left with experiences I think it can be useful to share with others. The selection of office space might appear simple. However, it is important to remind yourself that the most important thing is not to move per se – but to move to the right premises.

As is generally the case; the best process produces the best result."

1. Why do you want to move?

"There are various reasons why people want to move to other office facilities. It may be that the company grows, change in the market, desire for a better location or other facilities that are important. The point is to be aware of this - because it will guide what to look for in the search for new office space. Remember that the right office space also enhances the well-being of employees and can also entail that your company becomes even more attractive to new applicants."

Start early, spend plenty of time and have more options

"The second piece of advice I want to give is the following: start early - and spend plenty of time. Too many people do not have a conscious relationship with their own lease, and it often governs when one should start. When I say that you should spend a lot of time, it is perhaps better to say; spend time with someone who knows the market well. We work with major actors and know of areas that become vacant before the premises are advertised. Few people can imagine what opportunities and alternatives there are. so you may want to speak with someone who can contribute new ideas and alternatives that make it easier for you to choose, based on your needs, whether it concerns area, parking, canteen, location or other factors."

3. When is the right time to move?

"It varies from industry to industry, and the length of the contract means a lot. However, although contracts may impose restrictions, most contracts include the possibility of subletting. In other words, the opportunity to move is, in practice, always present. Therefore, my advice is; use changing needs as a starting point for when the time is right. In any company, the framework conditions will change over time - assessing your own office space along the way is a healthy and important measure."

What is important for the well-being and recruitment of your company?

"Proper premises is about what your needs are. Are you seeking cubicles, open office space or canteens? Or are quiet rooms and flexible meeting rooms needed? I always spend a lot of time with my clients on precisely this – because we see that it increases the chance of high satisfaction after choosing a premises. People are increasingly concerned with quality – that the venue chosen serves as a good ambassador for what the company represents. So everything from entrances, qualities of the premises, energy, parking and a number of other factors play a big role in the choice of office space."

Do the premises fit where you are now - or in the future?

You are hereby invited - let's find new premises that are tailored to your needs and budget.

Line Ericha Strandli
Real Estate Agent MNEF
Mobile: 48 11 33 38