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welcome to
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Published 19/10/2022

Are you interested in commercial property east of Agder? We offer professional updates, light meals and pleasant mingling with industry professionals.

Næringsarelet is a collaboration between Næringsmegleren, DNB and KPMG,
Arendal Business Association, Polaris Media and Best Event 

welcome to Street food Arendal, Wednesday 9 November at 15-18   

Now Kristiansand is looking to Arendal
- what has happened that causes the city to have population growth and more and more establishments? 
Katrine Lia is editor-in-chief of Agderposten and is known for good market insight, sharp eyes and analytical considerations.  

The development of a new and vibrant district at Pusnes on Tromøya 
Community building founder Simon Ottersland has many roles in Norwegian business, most of them within commercial property. Simon has led property projects both nationally and internationally, including large urban development projects. But as a true Arendal patriot, he finds it particularly fun to carry out district development in his home town. The Pusnes area will become a vibrant new district with 5-700 homes in total. 

Why tax discount for property transactions and what factors affect the size? 
Lars Egill Olavesen is a partner in KPMG with experience from auditing national and international property companies, as well as operational experience from property management and day-to-day management of property groups. He has also been a board member of a number of property development companies.  

The neighborhood office - what role should office buildings have in the city of the future?
Sweco and Aspelin Ramm have challenged students in relevant subject areas to explore how the office workplace can and should adapt to the neighborhood or district. Now they give us the recipe for how companies can create offices that offer residents something other than closed and closed off urban spaces. 

Commercial property in the east of Agder - a market in strong growth 
The establishment of Næringsmegleren's Arendal office has so far been an unqualified success. CEO Morten Venemyr and Senior Partner Jens Helge Hodne updates us on recent vacancy figures and future prospects for commercial properties in the region.   

Economic prospects  
We are characterized by fears of inflation and the central banks respond with increased interest rates. Is the Norwegian economy headed for recession or will it be a soft landing? Where should the interest rate go, and how long will the interest rate cooling last? Morten Haraldsen from DNB Markets Sørlandet gives us fresh financial considerations. 

At approx. 17.45: Summary and free time for questions to the speakers
- before Arendal Næringsforening welcomes you to NæRINGSBAR 😊

The event is free, but we ask for registration by 2 Nov. because of food service!